Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009

Two more of my wooden spirits...

This pieces really took all my patience.To make my wooden pieces is supposed to be something relaxing but in that case it wasn´t. One of them was supposed to be a woman but turned out to be a men. There are still not finished. The next 5-6 days I´ll be anyway not arround, but I have stardet already another project - about something whimsically this time...
regards, Tanna


  1. Dieser Blick um die Ecke - ohh - gefällt mir ja nun ganz besonders gut - mit Hand und Ohr. Sehr schön!

  2. I have a little gift for you on my blog

  3. Ohr,was für ein Ohr? Oh du hast ja Recht,grins...

  4. Hi Myrarte!!
    Thank you very much for that little gift!!!I just don´t know yet what to do with that,because it is my first time-I get something like that.I´ll back next week and take care about it....
    best regards, chopoli

  5. Halo Chopoli !! what a beautiful work you have developed here .this is the first time i visit your blog , but , sure , i intend to come back more times.
    i whish you all the best.